CONGRATULATIONS TO ADAM ZAGAJEWSKI, Former resident 2000, for The Jean Améry Prize 2016


2016 Jean Améry Prize collection


Yesterday, Adam Zagajewski was awarded the 2016 Jean Améry Prize for European essay writing in Berlin. To coincide with the award ceremony, Eurozine has published essays by authors nominated for the prize, including by a representative selection of Eurozine partner journals. These appear alongside Zagajewski's A defence of ardour and The closing of an open society, essays that demonstrate the affinity between Améry and Zagajewski -- both writers who, in the words of the jury, combine "a vigorous political alertness with an emphatic belief in art".

The essay collection was published in partnership with Jean-Améry's publisher, the German publishing house Klett-Cotta, and the Allianz Cultural Foundation. It also features A brief history of the European future by Robert Menasse, who re-launched the Jean Améry Prize in 2000 and chaired this year's jury.

Browse the 2016 Jean Améry Prize collection, including Eurozine's Introduction