Marek Zagańczyk  (Poland) May 28 to June 10, 2019 - Non-fiction

His new book is a stroll in the company of writers, kindred spirits engaged in an eternal conversation on life and literature. Among his guides are Gregor von Rezzori, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Sybille Bedford, Bruce Chatwin and Annemarie Schwarzenbach. This portrait gallery, with the dark north and the bright sun of the Mediterranean both present, will tell a story about writers who travelled across Europe, trying to absorb its spiritual wisdom.

Gertraud Klemm (Austria) May 28 to June 24, 2019 - Fiction

Gertraud Klemm was born 1971 in Vienna. Worked as a biologist before she started writing. Several literary prizes (e.g. Public’s Choice Award of the Ingeborg Bachmann competition 2014, shortlist European Union Prize for Literature 2015) and scholarships. Recent books: Hippocampus (Kremayr & Scheriau, 2019), Erbsenzählen (Droschl, 2017).

Verdan Husic (Bosnia and Herzegovina/USA) May 28 to June 24, 2019 - Fiction

Verdan Husic was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vedran Husić was raised in Germany and the US. His collection of stories, Basements and Other Museums, won the St. Lawrence Book Award in 2018. He is the recipient of fellowships from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Jean-Baptiste Para (France) May 28 to June 24, 2019 - Translation, poetry

Jean-Baptiste Para, born in 1956, is a poet, art critic and editor of the journal Littéraire Europe. He received the Prix Apollinaire for his collection, La Faim des ombres (2006). He has also received numerous literary prizes for his translations of Italian and Russian poetry.J

Yvonne Reddick (Switzerland/UK) May 28 to June 24, 2019 - Translation, poetry

Yvonne Reddick is the author of Ted Hughes: Environmentalist and Ecopoet and Translating Mountains. She has received a Northern Writer’s Award, among other prizes and commendations. Her poetry pamphlet Spikenard is a Laureate’s Choice 2019. She has translated Maurice Chappaz and Philippe Jaccottet into English.

Peter Stamm (Switzerland) June 10 to June 24, 2019 - Fiction

Peter Stamm is the author of seven novels, four short-story collections and many plays and radioplays. His books have been translated into almost forty languages. He lives with his family in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Volha Hapeyeva (Belarus) June 25 to July 22, 2019 - Poetry, fiction

Volha Hapeyeva is an award-winning Belarusian poet, writer, translator and linguist whose work has been translated into more than 10 languages. She has published five poetry collections, two children’s books and one book of prose, and collaborates with electronic musicians and visual artists to create audio-visual performances.

T.D. Mitchell (USA) June 25 to July 22, 2019 - Theater

T.D. Mitchell is a playwright, screenwriter and speechwriter. Her work is deep-research-based, tackling large, intersectional issues including those of gender, cultural dissonance, moral injury and military aggression, but through intimate, often familial contexts. Currently, she is working on a play about American feminist identity in the face of the Syrian refugee crisis.

Micha Venaille (France) June 25 to July 22, 2019 - Translation

In her translation work, Micha Venaille enters into an intimate dialogue with books and their authors as she carries texts over into another language.  Her choice of translations from English reflect authors she is passionate about: Vita Sackville-West, All Passion Spent, the extraordinarily Leonard Woolf’s autobiography and The Letter of Virginia Woolf.

Mohamed Hashem (Egypt) June 25 to September 16, 2019 - Fiction

Mohamed Hashem is the founder of Merit Publishing House (one of the most important in the Arab world – the first to publish The Yacoubian Building). He received the Jeri Laber International Freedom to Publish award in 2006, and in 2011 the Herman Kesten Award from the German PEN. His first novel Open Playgrounds was published in 2004.

Yulia Latynina (Russia) June 25 to September 16, 2019 - Fiction, non-fiction

Yulia Latynina is a writer and journalist, a fierce critic of Putin’s regime. She had to flee Russia but continues to host her program on the last independent and influential station, Radio Echo of Moscow. A columnist for a major opposition newspaper, she is the author of some 20 best-selling books, and has received many awards, including from Germany, Italy and the USA.


Laurence Boissier (Switzerland) July 23 to August 19, 2019 - Fiction

Laurence Boissier is the author of numerous volumes of short texts including Cahier des charges (art & fiction, 2012), Inventaire des lieux (2016) and Safari (art & fiction, 2019). Boissier has also written the novel Rentrée des classes, art & fiction, 2018). She is part of the Bern ist Uberall collective of authors and musicians who practice “spoken word” arts. She lives in Geneva.

Luciana Cisbani (Italy) July 23 to August 19, 2019 - Translation

Luciana Cisbani has been a translator for more than 25 years. Following her doctoral thesis on the subject of “argot”, she worked in publishing as a lexicographer for bi-lingual dictionaries and as an editor. Currently a professor of translation in Milan at the Civica Scuola Interpreti-Traduttori, and Italian at the University of Milan-Bicocca, Cisbani also leads workshops in French-Italian translation for professional translators.   

Julien Thèves (France) July 23 to August 19, 2019 - Theater, fiction

Julien Thèves received the Marguerite-Duras Prize for his Le Pays d’où l’on ne revient jamais (Christophe Lucquin Éditeur). His work has been broadcast on France Culture, adapted for film, and published in literary journals. He is also the author of Précarité et Son histoire, which appeared in 1999 and 2000 (Balland).


Katherine Brabon (Australia) August 20 to September 16, 2019 - Fiction

Katherine Brabon is a writer from Melbourne, Australia. Her debut novel The Memory Artist won the 2016 Vogel Literary Award. Katherine holds a Doctorate in writing and literature from Monash University and a Master's in history from the University of Oxford. She is also a regular contributor to Melbourne's Lindsay magazine.

Kamel Daoud (Algeria) August 20 to September 16, 2019 - Fiction, non-fiction

Kamel Daoud is a Francophone Algerian author and journalist. [or Kamel Daoud is an Algerian author and journalist who writes in French]. His novel Meursault contre-enquête (Barzakh, 2013), received the Prix Goncourt for First Novel (2015), his second novel, Zabor ou Les Psaumes (Barzakh, 2017), received the 2018 Prix Méditerranée. Since January 2019, he is the first writer to hold a newly created chair in creative writing at The Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) in Paris.

Gabriella Zalapi (Switzerland/Italy/UK) August 20 to September 16, 2019 - Fiction

Gabriella Zalapì is an artist who probes the construction of identity and the role played by memory in its process. She uses material such as family photographs, archive images, and administrative documents as integral sources in her writings, paintings and drawings. Her novel Antonia. Journal 1965-1966 was published to critical acclaim (Zoé, 2019).



Marek Zagańczyk  (Pologne)  du 28 mai au 10 juin 2019 - Essais

Son livre est une promenade en compagnie d'écrivains qu’il affectionne, d'esprits qui lui ressemblent, avec lesquels il engage la conversation éternelle de la vie et de la littérature. Parmi ses guides figurent Gregor von Rezzori, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Sybille Bedford, Bruce Chatwin et Annemarie Schwarzenbach. Cette galerie de portraits, à la fois sombres comme le nord et radieux comme le soleil de la Méditerranée, raconte l’histoire de ces écrivains qui ont voyagé à travers l’Europe pour tenter d’en absorber la sagesse spirituelle.

Gertraud Klemm (Autriche) du 28 mai au 24 juin 2019 - Romans

Gertraud Klemm est né à Vienne en 1971. Elle a travaillé comme biologiste avant de commencer sa carrière d’écrivain. Elle a reçu plusieurs prix littéraires, dont le prix du public du concours Ingeborg Bachmann 2014, le Prix de l’Union européenne en littérature 2015 et de nombreusess bourses. Parmi ses récentes publications: Hippocampus (Kremayr & Scheriau, 2019), Erbsenzählen (Droschl, 2017).

Verdan Husic (Bosnie/Etats-Unis) du 28 mai au 24 juin 2019 - Romans

Né en Bosnie-Herzégovine, Vedran Husić a passé son enfance en Allemagne puis aux États-Unis. Son recueil d'histoires Basements and Other Museums a remporté le prix St. Lawrence Book Award en 2018. Il a reçu également différentes bourses dont celle de Fine Arts Work Centre de Provincetown et du National Endowment for the Arts.

Jean-Baptiste Para (France) du 28 mai au 24 juin 2019 - Traduction, poésie

Jean-Baptiste Para est né en 1956. Poète et critique d’art, il est rédacteur en chef de la revue littéraire Europe. Il a reçu le prix Apollinaire pour son recueil La Faim des ombres (2006). Son activité de traducteur de poètes italiens et russes a été distinguée par plusieurs prix littéraires.

Yvonne Reddick (Suisse/Grande-Bretagne) du 28 mai au 24 juin 2019 - Traduction, poésie

Yvonne Reddick est l'auteur de Ted Hughes: Environmentalist and Ecopoet and Translating Mountains. Elle a reçu entre autres prix et distinctions le Northern Writer’s Award. Son recueil de poésie Spikenard a été récompensé du Laureate’s Choice 2019. Elle a traduit Maurice Chappaz et Philippe Jaccottet en anglais.

Peter Stamm (Suisse) du 10 juin au 24 juin 2019 - Romans

Peter Stamm est l’auteur de sept romans, quatre recueils de nouvelles, et de nombreuses pièces de théâtre et radiophoniques. Ses livres ont été traduits dans plus de quarante langues. Il vit avec sa famille à Winterthur en Suisse.

Vohla Hapeyeva (Bielorussie) du 25 juin au 22 juillet 2019 - Poésie, traduction

Volha Hapeyeva est une poétesse, écrivaine, traductrice et linguiste biélorusse primée à plusieurs reprises, dont le travail a été traduit dans plus de dix langues. Elle a publié cinq recueils de poèmes, deux livres pour enfants et un livre de prose, et collabore avec des musiciens électroniques et des artistes visuels pour créer des performances audiovisuelles.

T.D. Mitchell (Etats-Unis) du 25 juin au 22 juillet 2019 - Théâtre

T.D. Mitchell est une dramaturge, auteur de plusieurs pièces de théâtre et scénariste pour le cinéma et la télévision. Ses écrits reposent sur des recherches sérieuses et approfondies et abordent de grandes questions intersectionnelles, notamment celles de genre, de la divergeance culturelle, du préjudice moral, de l’agression militaire, mais toujours à partir d’un point de vue intime, et dans un contexte souvent familial. Elle travaille actuellement sur une pièce de théâtre qui traite de l'identité féministe américaine face à la crise des réfugiés syriens.

Micha Venaille (France) du 25 juin au 22 juillet 2019 - Traduction littéraire

Micha Venaille est traductrice pour entrer dans l’intimité d’un livre et rester fidèle à l’écrivain en le transportant dans un autre langage. Elle traduit des livres anglais par amour pour leurs auteurs : Vita Sackville-West, Toute passion abolie, Leonard Woolf, homme d’une humanité rare, Ma vie avec Virginia, des essais et lettres de Virginia Woolf.

Mohamed Hashem (Egypte) du 25 juin au 16 septembre 2019 - Romans

Mohamed Hashem est le fondateur de la maison d’édition Dar Merit (une des plus importante du monde arabe pour l’avant-garde – la première à publier L’immeuble Yacoubian). Il a reçu le prix Jeri Laber International pour la liberté de publication en 2006, et le prix Herman Kesten du PEN allemand en 2011. Son premier roman Open Playgrounds a été publié en 2004.

Yulia Latynina (Russie) du 25 juin au 16 septembre 2019 - Romans, essais

Yulia Latynina est une écrivaine et journaliste russe, critique farouche du régime de Poutine. Elle a dû fuir la Russie à cause de menaces répétées et d’actes de violences à son encontre, mais continue à animer son émission sur la dernière chaîne indépendante et influente, Radio Echo de Moscou. Chroniqueuse pour un grand journal de l’opposition, elle est l’auteur d’une vingtaine de best-sellers et a reçu de nombreux prix, notamment d’Allemagne, d’Italie et des États-Unis. Ses romans sont publiés en français chez Actes Sud.


Laurence Boissier (Suisse) du 23 juillet au 19 août 2019 - Romans

Laurence Boissier vit à Genève. Elle est l'auteure de plusieurs collections de textes courts (Cahier des charges, 2012, ed. d'autre part, Inventaire des lieux, 2016 et Safari, 2019, ed. art&fiction) et d'un roman (Rentrée des classes, 2018, ed. art&fiction). Elle fait également partie du collectif d'auteurs et de musiciens Bern ist Uberall qui pratique le spoken word.

Luciana Cisbani (Italie) du 23 juillet au 19 août 2019 - Traduction littéraire

Traductrice littéraire depuis presque 25 ans, après une thèse sur l’argot, elle a travaillé dans l’édition comme lexicographe de dictionnaires bilingues et comme rédactrice. Professeur de traduction à la Civica Scuola Interpreti-Traduttori de Milan et d’italien L2 à l’université Milan-Bicocca, elle anime les ateliers ViceVersa français-italien pour traducteurs professionnels.

Julien Thèves (France) du 23 juillet au 19 août 2019 - Romans

Julien Thèves a publié en 2018 Le Pays d’où l’on ne revient jamais (Christophe Lucquin Éditeur) pour lequel il a reçu le prix Marguerite-Duras. Avant cela, ses textes ont été diffusés sur France Culture, adaptés au cinéma ou publiés en revue. Il est aussi l’auteur de Précarité et Son histoire, parus en 1999 et 2000 aux éditions Balland.


Katherine Brabon (Australie) du 20 août au 16 septembre 2019 - Romans

Katherine Brabon est une écrivaine australienne qui vit à Melbourne. Son premier roman, The Memory Artist, a remporté le prix littéraire Vogel 2016. Katherine est titulaire d'un doctorat en littérature de l'Université de Monash et d'une maîtrise en histoire de l'Université d'Oxford. Elle collabore également régulièrement au magazine Lindsay de Melbourne.

Kamel Daoud (Algérie) du 20 août au 16 septembre 2019 - Romans, essais

Kamel Daoud est un écrivain et journaliste algérien d’expression française. Son roman Meursault contre-enquête (Barzakh, 2013) a reçu le Goncourt du premier roman 2015 ; un deuxième roman, Zabor ou Les Psaumes (Barzakh, 2017), le Prix Méditerranée 2018. Depuis janvier 2019, il est le premier titulaire de la nouvelle chaire d’écrivain de Sciences Po Paris autour de l’écriture créative.

Gabriella Zalapi (Suisse/Italie/Grande-Bretagne) du 20 août au 16 septembre 2019 - Romans

Gabriella Zalapì est une artiste qui explore la construction de l'identité et le rôle de la mémoire dans son processus. Elle utilise des documents tels que des photographies de famille, des images d'archives et des documents administratifs comme sources d’inspiration pour ses écrits, peintures et dessins. Son premier roman Antonia. Journal 1965-1966 a été acclamé par la critique (Zoé, 2019).



Dans le cadre du programme Looren à Lavigny

Alexandre Pateau (France) du 29 avril au 26 mai 2019 - Traductions d’écrivains germanophones

Alexandre Pateau traduit des auteurs germanophones et anglophones pour le compte de différentes maisons d’édition françaises et suisses, ainsi que pour le quotidien Libération. Il anime régulièrement des ateliers de traduction et des rencontres avec les écrivain·e·s qu’il a contribué à faire (re)découvrir en langue française, parmi lesquel·le·s Peter Bichsel, Carolin Emcke et Jan Wagner.

Inese Peterson (Letonie) du 29 avril au 26 mai 2019- Traductions d’écrivains francophones

Inese Pētersone a traduit plus de cinquante romans, pièces de théâtre et bandes dessinées, notamment des oeuvres de Roland Buti, Jacques de Decker, Jacqueline Harpman, Hergé, Gaston Leroux, Patrick Modiano, Alfred de Musset, Amélie Nothomb ou encore de Françoise Sagan. Elle a également publié les traductions de La vérité sur l’affaire Harry Quebert et Le livre des Baltimore de Joël Dicker. Inese Pētersone est lauréate du Prix de la traduction de la Communauté française de Belgique en 2009. Elle est nommée Chevalier de l’Ordre des arts et des lettres de la République Française en 2016.

Petruta Spanu (Roumanie) du 29 avril au 26 mai 2019 - Traductions d’écrivains francophones

Petruţa Spânu est Professeure honoraire de littérature française et belge francophone à l’université Alexandru Ioan Cuza de Iaşi et à l’université Marie Curie-Skłodowska de Lublin (Pologne). Auteure d’ouvrages de critique et d’histoire littéraires, elle a traduit en roumain plus de septante livres des littératures française, belge, suisse et polonaise, notamment de ouvrages de Corinna Bille, Alain Corbin, Camille Lemonnier, Marcel Pagnol, Jean-Jacques Rousseau et Catherine Safonoff. Elle a reçu plusieurs prix, dont le Prix de traduction de la part de la Communauté française de Belgique en 2005 et le prix Maurice Carême en 2015.

Andrea Spingler (Allemagne) du 29 avril au 26 mai 2019 - Traductions d’écrivains francophones

Andrea Spingler traduit depuis quarante ans de la littérature française vers l’allemand. Son oeuvre imposante compte aussi bien des classiques que des ouvrages contemporains. Grâce à elle, les germanophones peuvent lire, entre autres, des romans de Albert Cohen, Alexandre Dumas, Marguerite Duras, Agota Kristof, Ella Maillart, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Jean-Paul Sartre ainsi que de Agnès Desarthe, Maylis de Kerangal, Amin Maalouf et Yann Queffélec. Depuis 2002, elle a publié cinq traductions de romans de Pascale Kramer, lauréate du Grand Prix suisse de littérature 2017. Andrea Spingler a reçu le prix de traduction Eugen-Helmlé en 2007 et le Prix lémanique de la traduction en 2012.


Dans le cadre du programme Gilbert Musy

Jean-Baptiste Para (France) du 29 avril au 24 juin 2019 - Traductions d’écrivains italophones

Jean-Baptiste Para est né en 1956. Poète et critique d’art, il est rédacteur en chef de la revue littéraire Europe. Il a reçu le prix Apollinaire pour son recueil La Faim des ombres (Obsidiane, 2006). On lui doit un essai sur Pierre Reverdy et de nombreuses traductions de poètes et écrivain·e·s, notamment Antonella Anedda, Cristina Campo, Alberto Nessi, Antonio Tabucchi, Vélimir Khlebnikov, Ossip Mandelstam et Elena Vladimirova. Son activité de traducteur a été récompensée par les prix Laure-Bataillon, Nelly-Sachs et Étienne-Dolet. Il dirige la collection de poésie étrangère « D’une voix l’autre » des éditions Cheyne.








All portraits ©Sophie Kandaouroff


Portraits ©Sophie Kandaouroff









….August 21 to September 17, 2018..Du 21 août au 17 septembre 2018….

brigitte burmeister (allemagne), DANiELA DRÖSCHER (ALLEMAGNE), alain serge dzotap (cameroun), renate lance otterbein et alain lance (francE), sara omar (kurdistan/danemark)

Brigitte Burmeister, chercheuse littéraire à Berlin-est jusqu'en 1983, a publié son premier roman en 1987, son sixième en 2017. Elle pratique également la traduction (français) et a édité des textes de Claude Simon, à l'oeuvre duquel elle a consacré un essai approfondi en 2010. Son choix de lecture à Lavigny est un petit texte autobiographique Trois fois Berlin et un épilogue.  

Daniela Dröscher  Café Colonial. Her poetic approach focuses on the intersections of class, culture and gender, and of collective and personal history. Currently, she is working on a novel that narrates the social transgression within a German-French working-class-familiy.  Her (anti-)hero is a scientist of Art History who struggles with the impossibility of really ’belonging‘ to the bourgeois intellectual world. The novel designs an epic panorama, starting in World War II till nowadays, and analyses the logics of estrangement between three generations. 

Alain Serge Dzotap est né à Bafoussam, au Cameroun, où il habite. Il a toujours cru qu’il avait lu ses premières histoires dans ses livres d’école primaire, jusqu’à ce qu’une petite fille très curieuse lui fasse réaliser qu’il les avait trouvées par terre, en marchant. Alain Serge Dzotap écrit pour cet enfant qui n’a pas eu de livres. Pour l’instant, il lit Michel Piquemal, Jean Muzi, Henri Gougaud et anime des ateliers d’écriture.  

Renate Lance-Otterbein et Alain Lance. Renate Lance-Otterbein était chercheuse au CNRS et a consacré sa thèse à Louis Aragon. Alain Lance a dirigé des instituts français en Allemagne puis la Maison des écrivains à Paris. Il a publié plusieurs livres de poésie. Tous deux ont traduit ensemble de nombreux ouvrages de Volker Braun, Ingo Schulze et Christa Wolf, ce qui leur valut en 2012 le Prix Eugen Helmlé de traduction. Ils entreprennent la traduction du roman d'Ingo Schulze Peter Holtz, sein glückliches Leben erzählt von ihm selbst.                                               

Sara Omar is a Danish-Kurdish bestselling author. Her novel Dead Washer received the Danish Readers' Book Award, the Artbeat Talent Award, and the Victor Award for 2018. She is known for her courage and activism in defense of human rights. Sara is a columnist at the Danish magazine ALT for damerne and sits on the Expert Advisory Panel for Arts & Globalization. 


….July 24 to August 20, 2018..Du 24 juillet au 20 août 2018….

Silvia Härri (SUISSE), charlotte jousseaume (FRANCE), nkemngong nkengasong (cameroun), carlos soto roman (Chili), sun wei (chine)

Silvia Härri partage son temps entre l’enseignement et l’écriture et navigue entre la prose et la poésie. Auteure de poèmes, de nouvelles, de textes pour enfants ainsi que d’un premier roman, elle travaille actuellement à son deuxième roman. Derniers ouvrages parus : Extravagances, (Empreintes, 2015) Nouaison (Campiche, 2015) et Je suis mort un soir d’été (Campiche, 2016).        

Charlotte Jousseaume est écrivain, chroniqueuse et animatrice d’ateliers d’écriture. Elle explore le féminin dans son alliance avec la vie, l’univers et le masculin. Elle est l’auteur de Le silence est ma joie (Albin Michel, 2010), Quatuor mystique (Le Cerf, 2017) et Et le miroir brûla, portrait conté de Marguerite Porete (Le Cerf, 2018).  

Nkemngong Nkengasong is a poet, playwright and novelist. His major publications include Black Caps and Red Feathers (2001), Across the Mongolo (2004) and God was African (2015). He is the recipient of several fellowships and awards. Most notably, he was named Honorary Fellow in Writing at the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, USA (2008).                

Carlos Soto Roman is a pharmacist, poet and translator. He has published books of poetry in Chile and in the United States. He was a MacDowell Fellow in 2013 and a recipient of grants from the Chilean Council for Culture and the Arts for creation and translation projects. He was also the curator of the cooperative anthology of U.S. poetry Elective Affinities.  

Sun Wei is the author of 22 novels and short story collections: Janus in Summer (2018), The Map of Time (2016), Person in a Bottle (2015), The Confession of a Bear (2015), To Where the Flowers Blossom (2006), among others. She has received the Excellence Award of Chinese Writers’ Erdos National Literature Award. 



….June 26 to July 23, 2018..Du 26 juin au 23 juillet 2018….


Kia Corthron is the author of The Castle Cross the Magnet Carter, winner of the 2016 Center for Fiction First Novel Prize. Her many plays have premiered in New York, London, and across the U.S. Awards include the Windham-Campbell Prize for Drama, USArtists Fellowship, and National Endowment for the Arts.  

Jean Findlay. After studying in Krakow with Tadeusz Kantor, Jean Findlay ran a theatre company, wrote and produced plays in Berlin, Bonn, Dublin, Rotterdam and Paris. She has written for the Scotsman, Independent, Time Out and the BBC. Her acclaimed biography of Proust’s translator, Chasing Lost Time - the Life of CK Scott Moncrieff: Soldier, Spy and Translator, was published in London and New York in 2014.  

Sofiane Hadjadj. Né en 1970 en Algérie, Sofiane Hadjadj est éditeur à Alger où il a fondé en 2000 les Éditions Barzakh avec sa compagne. Ils ont reçu le Prix Prince Claus des Pays-Bas en 2010. Il est l'auteur de nouvelles publiées dans différents ouvrages et d'un récit. Dernier texte publié : Un si parfait jardin  (récit, éditions du Bec en l'air, 2008, avec des photographies de Michel Denancé).  

Eveline Mailhot vit à Montréal. Formée en philosophie, elle se consacre à l’écriture depuis une dizaine d’année. Elle a publié un recueil de nouvelles, L’amour au cinéma, aux éditions les Allusifs, et un roman, Deux jours de vertige, chez Notabilia. Ses textes s’intéressent à la complexité des affects qui façonnent les relations intimes et aux rêves qui nourrissent et entravent les parcours individuels et collectifs.  

Tomas Venclova was born in Lithuania. A dissident, he co-founded the Lithuanian Helsinki group, and was stripped of USSR citizenship and sent into exile in 1977 to the US, where he became professor of Slavic Studies at Yale in 1980. Author of 60 books of poetry and essays, he has received, among numerous other awards, the Lithuanian National Prize (2000), the Qinhai Poetry Prize (China 2011), and The Petrarca Prize (Germany 2014).  

Tatiana Milovidova-Venclova Born in the USSR, Tatiana Milovidova-Venclova lived in St. Petersburg until 1990, when she emigrated to the US to be with her husband Tomas Venclova. Her book, Dream Not About Me (Letnij Sad 2001), which was reedited in 2010, examined the influence of the women in the lives of the most famous Russian writers. She has also written plays and screenplays. Some of her short stories have been translated into English, Polish and French.  


….May 29 to June 25, 2018..Du 29 mai au 25 juin 2018….


Jean-Louis Besson est professeur émérite des Universités Paris Nanterre et Louvain-la-Neuve. Au théâtre, il travaille comme dramaturge et a traduit de l’allemand en français de nombreuses oeuvres classiques et contemporaines. Ses recherches et publications portent sur le théâtre allemand du XIXe au XXIe siècle, sur la mise en scène et sur la traduction théâtrale.                                          

Penny Boxall is a poet whose first collection, Ship of the Line, won the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award in 2016. Her second collection, Who Goes There?, is forthcoming in September 2018 from Valley Press. In 2017 she was a Writer in Residence at Gladstone's Library and a Hawthornden Fellow.  

Rokus Hofstede, né aux Pays-Bas, vivant en Belgique, est traducteur littéraire. Il se voue tant à la fiction (Ernaux, Jauffret, Perec, Proust) qu'à la non-fiction (Barthes, Bourdieu, Debord, Latour) et aux genres interlopes. Il est, depuis vingt-cinq ans, ambassadeur de l’oeuvre de Pierre Michon et, depuis peu, de celle de Charles-Ferdinand Ramuz.  

Kirstine Reffstrup, made her debut with I, Unica, a novelabout the German writer Unica Zürn. Published in Denmark and Norway in 2016, it was named one of the best novels of the year by the Danish Arts Council and nominated for other prizes, such as the Montana Prize. Reffstrup holds a MFA in Literary Composition from the Art Academy in Gothenburg.  

Eugenia Senik is a Ukrainian writer, the author of three novels (Przepraszam, Teach Me Silence; The Land U, or Fairytales for Foreign Children; The Match Stick House) and one short-story collection (The Desk). In her prose she pays attention to social problems, human feelings and the meaning of home.                                                                                                                              







Du 30 mai au 26 juin 2017


Chawki Amari. Ecrivain et journaliste, Chawki Amari est plus connu pour ses chroniques sur le quotidien El Watan, où il révèle, entre analyse politique, humour et poésie, la difficulté des nations à se construire. En littérature, on lui retrouve ce même monde lyrique et absurde, souvent sur fond de problématiques scientifiques appliquées à la folle histoire de l’homme..

Amina Gautier is the author of three short-story collections: At-Risk, Now We Will Be Happy, and The Loss of All Lost Things. She has been awarded the Flannery O’Connor Award, Prairie Schooner Book Prize, among many others, and international fellowships from The Brown Foundation/Dora Maar, The Camargo Foundation, and Hawthornden.

Sarah Holland-Batt is an Australian poet, editor, critic and academic. Her most recent book, The Hazards (UQP, 2015) won the 2016 Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Poetry. She is the editor of The Best Australian Poems 2017 (Black Inc), and Poetry Editor of Island.

Gjertrud Schnackenberg, an American poet, is the author of six books of poetry: Heavenly Questions (2010), The Throne of Labdacus (2000), Supernatural Love: Poems 1976-1992 (2000), A Gilded Lapse of Time (1992), The Lamplit Answer (1985), and Portraits and Elegies (1982).

Marina Skalova Marina Skalova est auteure, traductrice littéraire et dramaturge. Elle a publié Atemnot (Souffle court) chez Cheyne éditeur en 2016, pour lequel elle a reçu le Prix de la Vocation en poésie, Amarres chez L’Age d’Homme en 2017, ainsi qu’Exploration du flux sur Remue.net. Ses textes interrogent l’étrangeté et le rapport à l’autre.


Du 27 juin au 24 juillet 2017


Vonani Bila is the author of five books of poems and eight books of stories in Xitsonga, Sepedi and English. A driving force in South African poetry as editor and publisher, he also founded Timbila Writers' Village, a retreat centre for writers. His narrative poetry is mainly concerned about contemporary life in post-apartheid South Africa, rural realism, and political betrayal.

Barbara Fontaine vit à Paris, parfois à Berlin, et traduit de la littérature allemande, essentiellement contemporaine. Parmi ses auteurs figurent Katja Lange-Müller, Ursula Krechel, Thomas Hettche, Katja Petrowskaja, Hans-Ulrich Treichel. Elle travaille actuellement à la traduction française du dernier roman de Hans-Ulrich Treichel, Tagesanbruch.

Zadig Hamroune, enseignant et écrivain, est attaché à sa double culture franco-algérienne, à sa berbérité, et se consacre au roman, à la poésie, au théâtre. Un second roman, Chronique d'un deuil amoureux, paraitra en septembre 2017. Il lira des extraits du premier, Le pain de l'exil, paru chez Gallimard en 2015, qui reçut un excellent accueil de la critique et du public.

Claire Scobie is the award-winning author of Last Seen in Lhasa and The Pagoda Tree, and co-author of A Baboon in the Bedroom. She runs writing workshops, and writes for numerous publications. In 2013 she completed a Doctor of Creative Arts degree at Western Sydney University.

Shelly Oria is the author of New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 (Farrar Straus & Giroux 2014). Her fiction has appeared in The Paris Review among numerous other places and has won a number of awards, including the Indiana Review Fiction Prize. Recently, Shelly has co-authored a novella, CLEAN, commissioned by WeTransfer and McSweeney's.


Du 25 juillet au 21 août 2017


Zsófia Bán is a Hungarian fiction writer, essayist and critic. Her stories have been widely anthologized and translated. She has received grants and awards in Hungary and abroad. In 2015/16 she was a writer-in-residence with the DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program. She will read from Als nur die Tiere lebten (finalist, HKW International Book Prize 2014).

Nicole Bary est traductrice (allemand), directrice de collection aux éditions Métailié et de l’association Les Amis du Roi des Aulnes, une association qui organise des rencontres annuelles d’écrivains européens, « Lettres d’Europe et d’ailleurs ». Dernières traductions : Dépressions de Herta Müller (Gallimard 2015) et Le Noyau blanc de Christoph Hein.

Kamil Hatimi est né en 1960 au Maroc. Après avoir exercé différents métiers dont ceux de musicien de bal, de photographe et d’interprète, il publie un premier roman en 2015 : La Houlette, aux éditions Elyzad. Kamil Hatimi vit actuellement dans le Sud de la France où il continue à explorer les voies de l’écriture.

Suji Kwock Kim is the author of Notes from the Divided Country, which won the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American Poets; Private Property, a multimedia play produced at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; and Disorient, which is forthcoming. She has received a number of major awards and grants in the US, Europe and Asia. She lives in London.

Sanja Lovrenčić graduated in history of art and lives in Zagreb, as a free-lance writer and translator. Her published titles include poetry, novels, short stories, radio plays. She has received literary prizes for many of her poems and novels.


Du 22 août au 18 septembre 2017


Nicolae Coande is the author of 9 poetry collections and several books of essays. The recipient of a number of major literary prizes and grants in Romania, Germany, and Austria, he is a dramaturge at the National Theatre Marin Sorescu and founder & editor-in-chief of the Theatre's magazine, SpectActor. His most recent poetry book is They Just Wouldn’t Let Me Run the World (Max Blecher, 2015).

Fatou Kande Senghor est Sénégalaise. Elle vit à Thiès, où elle pratique la photographie, la vidéo, le film, la littérature, et la gravure traditionnelle. En 2015, WALABOK, ou une histoire orale du hip hop au Sénégal, une anthologie qui reconstitue plus de 10 ans de recherches sur les cultures urbaines dans son pays, a paru aux éditions Amalion Publishing.

Judith Kuckart is a writer and theatre director who founded and ran the dance theatre Skoronel until 1998. She has published many novels. Amongst others: Lenas Liebe (2002), made into a film in 2012; Kaiserstraße (2006), shortlisted for the Leipzig Book Prize; Wünsche (2013), longlisted for the German Book Prize; Das man durch Belgien muss auf dem Weg zum Glück (2015).

Pablo Llambias will be working on an updated version of his 1997 novel Rådhus (Townhall), that portrays the Danish welfare society. Since then a lot of things have happened and the welfare society is under pressure. The new novel, with the working title Rådhus 2, will deal with these changes.

Yung-Shan Tsou is a Berlin based Taiwanese artist and writer whose work involves handwriting and bookmaking as conceptual artistic expressions. She has been intensively involved in novel writing since 2011. She has the following published novels: The waiting room and A traveler's guide to ride-sharing. The French version of her first novel La Salle d’attente was published in September 2016.





Du 31 mai au 27 juin 2016

Rich Benjamin (USA), Julia Deck (France), Susan McKay (Irlande), Brian Nelson (Australie), Vladimir Sharov (Russie)

Rich Benjamin is the author of Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America, a critically acclaimed work of anthropology. He is also a lecturer and commentator, on television and in print, including for The Guardian and The New York Times. Rich was recently a Literary Fellow at the Bellagio Center (Italy), Rockefeller Foundation.

Julia Deck est née à Paris, où elle vit toujours. Elle a publié deux romans, Viviane Elisabeth Fauville (2012) et Le Triangle d'hiver (2014), tous deux aux Editions de Minuit, et traduits dans plusieurs
langues. Elle est également correctrice, traductrice de l'anglais , et donne des ateliers d'écriture en école de journalisme.

Susan McKay is currently working on a book which brings memory and imagination to bear on stories from places in which the Northern Irish conflict flared up during her childhood. She spent many years covering the conflict as an award winning journalist and commentator. Her book Bear in Mind These Dead (Faber, 2007) is about the aftermath of political violence.

Brian Nelson (Professor Emeritus,Monash University, Melbourne) is well known for his translations, for Oxford World’s Classics, of the novels of Emile Zola, but he is working at present on a new translation of Marcel Proust’s Un amour de Swann. His latest publication is The Cambridge Introduction to French Literature (2015).

Vladimir Sharov. A historian of medieval Russia, he started as a writer
in the late 1970s. In his novels he attempts to understand the traumas of the Russian-Soviet 20th century. Author of eight novels, a book of essays and a book of poetry, he was awarded the Russian
Booker Prize and national Big Book prize for his novel Return to Egypt in 2014. His books have been translated into many languages.


Du 28 juin au 25 juillet 2016

Luke Fischer (Australie), Monique Ilboudo (Burkina Faso), Anna Matveeva (Russie), Diane Meur (France/Belgique), Tom Pow (Grande-Bretagne)

Luke Fischer, poet and scholar, is the author of the poetry collection Paths of Flight (2013), the monograph The Poet as Phenomenologist: Rilke and the New Poems (2015), and the children’s
book The Blue Forest (2015). He is an honorary associate in the philosophy department at the University of Sydney. www.lukefischerauthor.com

Monique Ilboudo. Auteure de plusieurs ouvrages, j’ai aussi animé des chroniques dans des journaux sur les questions de citoyenneté, spécialement celle des femmes. Cet engagement citoyen m’a valu d’être appelée à de hautes fonctions de responsabilité dans mon pays, le Burkina Faso. Depuis un an, je suis revenue à mes enseignements de droit à l’université Ouaga II et… à l’écriture.

Anna Matveeva is a russian writer born in Sverdlovsk (now Ekaterinaburg) in the Urals, into a family of linguists. After completing her studies at the Ural State University, she worked as a journalist for newspaper and magazines. Anna has published fourteen books of fiction and non-fiction and contribuated to most leading russian periodicals.

Diane Meur, née en 1970 à Bruxelles, vit à Paris depuis trente ans. Traductrice de l’anglais et de l’allemand (Paul Nizon, Tariq Ali, Stefan Zweig,…), elle est aussi l’auteur de cinq romans, dont Les
Vivants et les ombres, qui a obtenu en 2007 le prix Victor Rossel.

Tom Pow was born in Edinburgh. Primarily a poet, he has also written young adult fiction, picture books, radio plays and two travel books: one about Peru and one called In Another World—
Among Europe's Dying Villages. In The Becoming—New and Selected Poems was published in 2007.


Du 26 juillet au 22 août 2016

DENIS HIRSON (AFRIQUE DU SUD/FRANCE), Ben Okri (NIGERIA/Grande-Bretagne), Adine Sagalyn (FRance/USA), Gabor Schein (Hongrie), Consuelo Trivino-Anzola(ESPAGNE/COLOMBIE), JaKob Zigunas (POLOGNE/AUSTRALIE)

Denis Hirson lives just outside Paris. He has written seven books in English, most of them crossing the frontier between lyrical prose and narrative poetry, and mainly concerned with the memory of South Africa under apartheid. His first slim book written in French, and about French, will soon be published.

Ben Okri has published ten novels as well as many collections of poetry, short stories and essays. He won the Booker Prize in 1991, with The Famished Road. His latest poetry collection, Wild, came
out in 2011, and a novel, The Age of Magic, in 2014. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and has received the OBE and numerous international literary prizes.

Adine Sagalyn has written film scripts, radio plays, and edited a book of essays by French women writers exploring their relationships with their fathers. She works as a portrait and fine art photographer. She is currently writing about her grandmother, Suzanne Schwartz, sister of the Russian writer, Samuil Marshak.

Gábor Schein. A Hungarian poet and writer, Gábor Schein has published many volumes of poetry, four novels, plays and essays on literature and politics. His works have received grants and awards in Hungary and abroad and been translated into many languages. He will read selections from his poetry and his novels The Autobiographies of an Angel and Mordechai's book. Photo Studio Bakos

Consuelo Triviño Anzola est auteur de trois romans et quatre livres de contes. Ses romans abordent l'enfance, l'exil et l'histoire. Ses récits montrent ce que a de surprenant le monde quotidien. Prohibido salir a la calle (1998) est considéré parmi les meilleurs romans colombiens. Elle travaille à l'Institut Cervantes depuis 1997.

Jakob Ziguras is a poet, philosopher and translator. His debut collection, Chains of Snow (Pitt Street Poetry, 2013), was shortlisted for the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards. The Sepia Carousel
is forthcoming in 2016. He is currently working on his third book, Venetian Mirrors, and translating the Polish poets Stanisław Barańczak and Aleksander Wat.



Du 23 août au 19 septembre 2016


Clément Bénech est né en 1991. Diplômé de la Sorbonne en édition et littérature française, il a publié deux romans chez Flammarion L'été slovène, Lève-toi et charme. Il collabore également à plusieurs journaux, comme Libération. Le magazine Télérama le range parmi les dix écrivains à suivre sur Twitter.

Anne von Canal worked as an editor and translator before she became a writer herself. Her first novel Der Grund (2014) was translated into French and Estonian. She is currently writing her
second book, an exploration of friendship, ice and the structure of memory.

Katica Garoska Acevska. After working at the Ministry of Culture of Macedonia, Katica Garoska turned to translating fiction and poetry from English, French, Serbo-Croatian into Macedonian. Her award-winning work has included well-known authors, such as: Robert Graves, Philip Roth, Marguerite Yourcenar, Yukio Mishima, Virginia Woolf, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Danilo Kish, Jacques Chessex, and others.

Jean-Pierre Orban est auteur de théâtre, nouvelles, textes poétiques et essai. En 2014, il a publié Vera, Prix du Premier roman français et Prix du livre européen. Le roman parle d’identité sur une terre qui erre autant que les humains. À Lavigny, il compte poursuivre le cycle dont est extrait Vera.
Il en lira un extrait avec plaisir.

Anni Sumari is a Finnish poet, author and translator. She has published 14 books so far, mostly poetry, and translated works by celebrated authors, e.g. Samuel Beckett, Tomaz Salamun and
Anne Sexton. Her book Mitta ja määrä (Measure and Quantity) was awarded The Best Poetry Book of the Year 1998 Prize. Sumari's poems have been translated into 24 languages.



Du 25 août au 21 septembre 2015

Constance Chlore (FRANCE), Evan Fallenberg (ISRAEL), Fabienne Jacob (France), Nadine Pinede (USA/Canada), Silvia Pozzi (ITALIE)

Constance Chlore  a publié deux romans : Nicolas jambes tordues (éditions La Fosse aux ours) ;     À Tâtons sans bâton (éditions Punctum). Son dernier livre Atomium, (éditions Atelier de l’agneau) vient de recevoir le prix international de poésie francophone Yvan Goll 2014.

Evan Fallenberg ’s novels Light Fell (Soho Press, 2008) and When We Danced on Water (HarperCollins, 2011) and his many translations of novels, plays, filmscripts and libretti from Hebrew to English have won numerous awards. He teaches creative writing and literary translation at Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv, and City University of Hong Kong.

Fabienne Jacob  est née en Lorraine dans un petit village de la frontière allemande. Sa langue maternelle est le francique. Toute son oeuvre parle du corps. Pas le corps californien, mais celui,
imparfait, qui respire, désire, manque, jouit, souffre, vieillit. Son écriture rugueuse et fragmentaire cerne au plus près la sensation.

Nadine Pinede  The daughter of Haitian emigrants, Nadine Pinede is author of An Invisible Geography, poems of place and exile. She holds degrees from Harvard and Oxford, where she was a Rhodes scholar. She also earned a Master of Fine Arts and a PhD. Her fiction appeared in Haiti Noir, edited by Edwidge Danticat, and was published in French by Asphalte Editions, Paris.

Silvia Pozzi  is a translator of Chinese literature into Italian, she has translated important authors like Han Han, Lin Bai, and Yu Hua. She is the co-editor of the first magazine of Chinese contemporary literature in Italian, Caratteri, Letteratura cinese contemporanea. Silvia is associate professor in Chinese language and literature at the University of Milan-Bicocca.


Du 28 juillet au 24 août 2015


Hajar Bali  Enseignante de mathématiques à Alger, je suis également membre de la compagnie de théâtre Chrysalide. En 2010, est édité mon recueil de pièces de théâtre : Rêve et vol d'oiseau (éditions Barzakh, Alger). En 2014 paraît le recueil de nouvelles intitulé : Trop tard (ed. Barzakh). J’envisage, à Lavigny, d’entamer la rédaction de mon premier roman.

Philippe Rahmy  is the author of seven books of poetry and prose.He was awarded the Prix Wepler 2013 Mention spéciale du jury, the Prix Pittard de l'Andelyn 2014 and the Prix Michel-Dentan
2014, with his book Béton armé — Shanghai au corps à corps. His next novel will be published by La Table Ronde in January 2016. www.rahmyfiction.net (Photo Moko)

Piotr Sommer  is a poet, translator, and essayist. His poetry has won many awards. As well as eight collections of poetry in Polish, from W krześle (1977) to Piosenka pasterska (1999), he has
two collections published in translation: Things to Translate and Other Poems (1991) and Ein freier Tag in April (2002). (from http://www.poetryinternationalweb.net, photo Vandemeer/de Lange)

Katrina Tuvera  has written a collection of short fiction and a novel. She is co-editor of the anthology Querida, a collection of literary portrayals of "the mistress." She is writing her second novel set in the Philippines, exploring collaboration and complicity in World War II and the martial law years.

Sholeh Wolpé  ’s writing “transcends the boundaries of language, gender, ethnicity and nationality.” A recipient of the 2014 PEN/Heim, 2013 Midwest Book Award and 2010 Lois Roth Persian Translation prize, Wolpé is the author of three collections of poetry and two books of translations, three anthologies, and a play, Shame. (Photo Bonnie Perkinson)

Du 30 juin au 27 juillet 2015


Chris Price  has published two poetry collections and an eccentric biographical dictionary, Brief Lives. She teaches creative writing at Victoria University (Wellington, New Zealand) and has worked as an editor and writers' festival organiser. Chris is writing about the English poet Thomas Lovell Beddoes, who spent half his life in Germany and Switzerland. (Photo Robert Cross)

Kamal  is a student of science but the author of three books of literary fiction in Hindi. A few of his stories received awards and were translated into many different Indian languages. His novel Aakhar Chaurasi (based on the genocide of Indian Sikhs in 1984) was chosen one of the five best debut novels of 2009.

Nathalie Handal ’s recent books include The Republics; The Invisible Star; Poet in Andalucía; and Love and Strange Horses, winner of the Gold Medal Independent Publisher Book Award. She's a Lannan Foundation Fellow, winner of the Alejo Zuloaga Order in Literature, and Honored Finalist for the Gift of Freedom Award, among other honors. (Photo Linda Kallerus)

Elena Bossi  writes fiction, essays and plays. Her short novel,
Otro lugar received the Eduardo Mallea award for fiction in Buenos Aires. Among other works: Los otros essays), Amigas (novel, in collaboration with Penelope Todd, Rosa Mira Books, New Zealand), Leer poesía, leer la muerte (National Endowment for the Arts Award).

Raluca Antonescu  Née à Bucarest, Raluca Antonescu est arrivée enfant en Suisse. Elle a vécu dans un village en Suisse alémanique, puis dans le canton de Vaud, avant de s'établir à Genève. Après une formation aux Arts décoratifs et aux Beaux-arts, elle travaille dans la vidéo et réalise des documentaires. Actuellement, elle est enseignante d'arts visuels à Genève. L'inondation est son premier roman.


Du 1er juin au 29 juin 2015

Eva Tind (Denmark), Stuart Dischell (USA), Mathieu Boutin (Canada), Pat Boran (Ireland), Tulsi Badrinath (India).

Eva Tind Being born in Korea and brought up in Denmark, my work reflects on the concept of cultural identity, through verse, prose, documentary material and pictures in the intricate interplay between the personal and the universal. My books often highlight how the world can seem very different depending on who is looking at it and from where.

Stuart Dischell is the author of four full-length collections of poems, most recently Backwards Days. A recipient of awards from the National Poetry Series, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation, he is a Professor in the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing at the University of North Carolina Greensboro.

Mathieu Boutin est écrivain, avocat et violoniste. Il est l’auteur de trois romans jeunesse et quatre contes musicaux destinés au jeune public. Son roman L’oreille absolue (2013) explore le parcours de jeunes musiciens en quête d’un poste dans un orchestre. Si on le laisse tranquille, il complètera sous peu l’écriture de Les dissonances, dont il lira un extrait.

Pat Boran is an Irish poet, writer and broadcaster whose writing is often inspired by and connected to place. His collections of poems include New and Selected Poems (2005), and The Next Life (2011); prose works include the memoir The Invisible Prison (2007). He has received prizes in Ireland and the US, and is a member of Aosdána, the Irish affiliation of artists and writers.

Tulsi Badrinath is a writer and dancer from India. Her two novels Meeting Lives and Man of A Thousand Chances were longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize 2007 and 2008. Master of Arts: A Life in Dance and Madras, Chennai and the Self, non-fiction, have been critically acclaimed.




Du 19 août au 15 septembre 2014


Zdenka Becker is a recipient of numerous awards and writing fellowships. She writes with her Slavic sensibility in a western language, German. She is the author of eight books (the latest, My Father’s Toughest Case) and thirteen plays (the latest: Behind the Darkness, New York).

Jason Donald was born in Scotland but grew up in South Africa. His first novel, Choke Chain, was shortlisted for the Authors Club Best First Novel Award and the Saltire First Book Award. He has published short stories for BBC Radio 4 and Edinburgh International Book Festival. His second novel is about an asylum seeker in the UK.

Franck André Jamme est l'auteur d'une quinzaine de livres de poèmes et de fragments, spécialiste de l'art contemporain de l'Inde (tantrique, brut et tribal) et traducteur. Maître d'oeuvre de la Pléiade de René Char, six de ses titres ont été publiés aux Etats-Unis, dans des traductions de John Ashbery, Norma Cole.

Neva Micheva is a literary translator and journalist. She translates from Italian (Italo Calvino, Dino Buzzati, Giorgio Manganelli, Antonio Tabucchi…), Spanish (Juan Gelman, Roberto Bolaño, Manuel Puig…) and Catalan (Manuel de Pedrolo, Jordi Galceran, Sergi Belbel). She is working on the first translation into Bulgarian of Primo Levi's Il sistema periodico.

Novelist J. M. Tuccelli explores bi-culturalism, race, and identity in Glow (2012), long-listed for the Crook’s Corner Book Prize of Exceptional Southern Debut Novels. Passionate about women’s and children’s causes in developing nations, she served on the board of the International HUG Foundation and as sponsor at Women for Women International.


Du 22 juillet au 18 août 2014


Anca Cristofovici is a trilingual European writer currently based in France where she is professor of American literature and art. She has published prose, poetry, and essays in English and Romanian, non-fiction in French, and her poetry translations have appeared in anthologies in the UK and USA. Her novel Stela is forthcoming from Ninebark Press, March 2015. Her novel Stela is forthcoming from Ninebark Press, March 2015.

Mario Kaiser is a writer of narrative non-fiction. Taking on issues of social transformation and human rights, his stories are based on long-term immersion in environments that are difficult to access. He is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Kurt Tucholsky Prize for Literary Journalism. He lives in New York City.

Armenuhi Sisyan is the author of four books. Her short stories and poems have been translated into English, Russian, French, and other languages, and published in literary magazines and anthologies. In 2013 she received a grant from the Kulturkontakt Austria program and stayed in Vienna for two months. She is an assistant professor at Yerevan State Medical University.

João Tordo is the author of seven novels. His latest, Biografia Involuntária dos Amantes, was published in April by Alfaguara. He won the José Saramago Literary Prize and was shortlisted for numerous prizes, including the Portugal Telecom Brazil and the European Literary Award. His books are published in different countries, including France, Germany, Italy and Brazil.

Grace Wells is an award-winning poet and children's writer. She will be reading from her debut poetry collection, When God has Been Called Away to Greater Things, and from her forthcoming collection, Animal Encounters. Originally from London, England, she lives in Tipperary, Ireland.

Du 24 juin au 21 juillet 2014


Géraldine Barbe est l’auteur de trois romans publiés aux éditions Léo Scheer : Rater mieux(2008), Aimer Roger(2010), et Ne pleure pas on se reverra, et d’un livre pour la jeunesse L’Invité surprise (2013, Le Rouergue). Changer de vie, histoires de renaissances est sorti en Avril 2014 (éditions Plein Jour) et une première traduction de Cries Unheard, de Gitta Sereny est prévue pour la rentrée 2014 .

Sylvie Gracia partage sa vie entre l’écriture et le métier d’éditeur: elle dirige notamment une collection littéraire, La Brune, aux Editions du Rouergue. Elle est l’auteur de six romans et espère terminer à Lavigny le septième, Autoportrait avec femmes, une exploration des différentes façons d’être femme aujourd’hui. Elle vit à Paris.

Luis S. Krausz is a novelist and teaches Jewish and Hebrew Literature at Universidade de São Paulo. He was born in Brazil, in 1961, in a family of Jewish emigrés from Vienna. He was awarded the Benvirá Prize for Literature in Brazil in 2013.

Nikita Kuznetsov is a translator of Polish literature into Russian. He has translated works of authors such as Józef Czapski and Andrzej Wajda, but his main achievement is the translation of Czesław Miłosz’s prose, particularly The Issa Valley. Nikita is also an editor of the Novaya Polsha magazine. In 2009 he was awarded the Badge of honour “Merit to Polish Culture”.

Janine Massard a publié douze livres, récits, romans, nouvelles, six réédités en collections de poche, trois traduits en allemand et en russe; plusieurs nouvelles lues sur les ondes, d’autres traduites en roumain, tchèque, italien et russe. Elle a reçu des prix littéraires dont le Schiller suisse et le celui de la Fondation vaudoise pour la culture.

Du 27 mai au 23 juin 2014


Sarah Butler explores the relationship between writing and place through prose, poetry. She has been writer-in-residence on the Central line and at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Her debut novel, Ten Things I’ve Learnt about Love, is published by Picador and in 15 other countries around the world. She is currently working on her second novel, Before the Fire.

Barbara Gruszka-Zych is a poet, critic and journalis, working for bestselling Polish opinion magazine Gość Niedzielny (Sunday Visitor). She specializes in reportages, interviews, and literary critiques. She is the author of over a dozen poetry publications, translated into many languages, and a memoir about Czesław Miłosz, the poet and Nobel Prize winner.

Anton Krueger's published works include plays (Living in Strange Lands), poems (Everyday Anomalies), and prose (Sunnyside Sal); as well as critical writing on South African theatre (Experiments in Freedom). His unpublished works include rants, manifestos and notes hurriedly scrawled on the backs of envelopes.

Minakshi Thakur is a bilingual writer in Hindi and English currently working at HarperCollins Publishers India. She has published three collections of poetry, one of which was shortlisted for the Sahitya Akademi Young Writer’s Prize. Her first novel in English, Lovers Like You and I, was shortlisted for the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize 2013 and translated into Turkish and Hindi.

Malika Wagner a reçu le prix Walser, il y a des années, pour un livre dont elle n’avait pas voulu rouvrir la thématique depuis. Aujourd’hui, elle s’y sens prête. C’est en Suisse, plus qu’ailleurs, qu’elle réserve la première lecture de ce texte dont la parution est prévue en janvier chez Actes Sud.


Biagini, Elisa, Italy

Boehm, Philip, USA

Bogin, Magda, USA

Clark, Ben, Spain/UK

Diarra, Ousmane, Mali

Evans, Julian, UK

Hrbek, Greg, USA

Kehayan, Nina, France

Khaled, Mai, Egypt

Klimova, Maroussia, Russia

McAdams, Janet, USA

Markin, Alexander, Russia

Peer, Alexander, Austria

Provoost, Anne, Belgium

Sakhawarz, Bashir,  Afghanistan

Salem Levy, Tatiana, Brazil

Skov, Leonora Christina, Denmark

Tuszynska, Agata, Poland

Volevich, Irina, Russia

Wilmos, Béatrice, France  



Cennamo, Laurent, Switzerland

Costa Gomes, Luisa, Portugal

Cracknell, Linda,  Scotland

Devibharathi, India

Fiedler, Heike, Germany/Switzerland

Fives, Carole, France

Guttman, Naomi, USA/Canada

Hubbard, Tom, UK

Husum, Lars, Denmark

Jallo, Zainabu, Nigeria

Korinek, Otakar, Slovakia

Mendes Rosa, Pedro, Portugal

Meyer, Ole, Denmark

Pritchard, Melissa, USA

Shree, Geetanjali, India

Singh, Jaspreet, Canada/India

Skaragas, Gianni, Greece

Stantcheva, Roumiana, Bulgaria

Zeller, Eva   Germany

Zeppa, Jamie, Canada      



Amin, Nora, Egypt

Busino, Jean-Jacques, Switzerland

Butlin, Ron, Scotland

Chanel, Anne-Laure, France

Claire, Regi, Scotland/Switzerland

Feldbach, Inna, Estonia

Frost, Elisabeth, USA

Hauserova, Eva, Czech Republic

Hulse, Michael, UK

Kupriyanov, Viacheslav, Russia

Lenkowska, Krystyna, Poland

Lokuge, Chandani, Australia

Martirosyan, Vahram, Armenia

Ngenelwa, Thembelani, South Africa

Nimrod, France/Chad

Revard, Carter, USA

Roman, Jacques, Switzerland/France

Shakespeare, Nicholas, UK

Surani, Moez, Canada

Trodden, Katarina, Sweden

Wuang, China        


Appelfeld, Aharon, Israel

Banionyté-Gerviené, Stasé, Lithuania

Belber, Stephen, USA

Bilotserkivets, Natalia, Ukraine

Brécart, Anne, Switzerland

Casey, Maud, USA

Dewedy, Mahesh Chandra, India

Dewedy, Neerja, India

Fabbri, Sandrine, Switzerland

Fries, Kenny, Canada/USA

Hryniewicz-Yarbrough, Ewa, USA/Poland

La Farge, Paul, USA

Lambert, Stéphane, Belgium

Lennon, Joan, Scotland/Canada

Mc Alpine, Rachel, New Zealand

Morozova, Elena, Russia

Mosneron Dupin, Thibaut, France

Muzanenhamo, Togara, Zimbabwe

Russotto, Margherita, USA/Italy

Ryabchuk, Mykola, Ukraine

Singh, Suneeti, UK/India

Smith, Morelle, Scotland

Stephan, Susanne, Germany

Tchouhov, Petar, Bulgaria

Umezurike, Uchechukwu Peter, Nigeria

van Schalkwyk, Tania, South Africa/Mauritius/Ger

Von Dach Guesnan, Yla, Suisse        


Asmarani, Rosalba, Indonesia

Bettega, Amilcar, Brazil

Carrascoza, Joao, Brazil

Cherchesov, Alan, Russia

Coppel, Judith, France

De Juan, José Luis, Spain

Duff, Micheline, Canada

Greeff, Rachelle, South Africa

Hibbard, Allen, USA

Jaffer, Zubeida , South Africa

Keys, Kerry, Lithuania/USA

Kobak, Annette, UK

Lamwaka, Beatrice,  Uganda

Nikolova. Antoaneta, Bulgaria

Pètremand, Mylène, Switzerland

Petsinis, Tom,   Australia

Piazza, Antoine, France

Polonskaya, Anzhelina, Russia

Raihani, Youssef,  Morocco

Rajagopalan, Usha, India

Saran, Mishi, India

Tawfik, Mohamed, Egypt

Vaillancourt, Yves, Canada

Yen, Minju, Switzerland/Taiwan

Zhang, Lijia, China  



Al-Khamissi, Khaled, Egypt

Ball, Angela, USA

Baranay, Inez, Italy

Barbe, Jean-Paul, France

Cañón, James, USA

Cavé, Jean, France

Dreyer, Tom, South Africa

Dilys, Rose, Scotland

Errachidi, Abdelaziz, Morocco

Galina, Maria, Russia

Gee, Maggie, UK

Jordan, Hillary, USA

Keteleer, Hilde, Belgium

Mahloujian, Azar, Sweden

Marsella-Marietan, Anne, France/USA

Mirjol, Christina, France

Nagai, Mariko, Japan

Perez, Lina Maria, Colombia

Plebanek, Grazyna, Poland

Potocnjak, Draga, Croatia/Slovenia

Pujade-Renaud, Claude, France

Rankin, Nicholas, UK

Rozycki, Tomasz, Poland

Saidullah, Jawahara, India

Shtypel, Arkady, Russia

Smith, Andrea, USA

Smyth, Cherry, UK        


Anselmo, Marielle, France

Tunisia Barris, Ken, South Africa

Bergfjor,Sissel, Denmark

Cai Tianxin, China

Cruz-Lucero, Rosario, Philippines

Gonzalez, Rigoberto, Mexico/US

Guldbrandsen, Alice, Denmark

Hänninen, Anne, Finland

Juvonen, Anna-Riikka, Finland

Kennedy, Tom, Denmark/USA

Lagazzi, Paolo, Italy

Le Drian, Marie, France

Lozinski,Mikolaj, Poland

Maestri, Vannina, France

Mambrini, Simona, Italy

Melnicova, Irina, Russia

Mizusaki, Noriko, Japan

Monette, Madeleine, USA/Canada

Moreno-Caballud, Luis, Spain

Moshiri, Minou, Iran

Ohlin, Alix, Canada/USA

Petöcz, Andras, Hungary

Sivan, Jacques, France

Sweeney, Matthew, Ireland

Thieck, Françoise,   France

Tomerini, Daniela, Italy

Yavuz, Nuran, Turkey

Yu, Young-Nan, South Korea  


Al-Barghouti, Tamim, Jordan/Palestine

Aubaude, Camille, France

Bleton, Claude,    France

Clark, George, USA/Zimbabwe

Coias, Rui, Portugal

Dunant, Ghislaine, France

Günday, Hakan, Turkey

Hederman, Mark Patrick, Ireland

Johnston, Dorothy,  Australia

Kemp, Jan, New Zealand

Leonte, Carmelia, Romania

Maranan, Edgardo, Philippines

McCabe, Brian, Scotland

Mehta, Amrit, India

Morrissey, Sinéad, Northern Ireland

Oakley, Ann, UK

Phiri, Virginia, Zimbabwe

Riemenschneider, Jörg-Dieter, Germany

Shibli, Adania, Palestine

Snodgrass, Ann, USA

Sorrente, Dominique, France

Symmons, Sarah, UK

Todd, Penelope, New Zealand

Velickovic, Dusan, Serbia

Vittoz, Dominique, France

Ward, Patricia Sarrafian, USA

Wieszner, Stefan Ludmilla, Germany      



Afzal-Khan, Fawzia, USA/Pakistan

Aguilar, Mila D., Philippines

Ajvaz, Michal,Czech Republic

Arima, Takashi, Japan

Bachmann, Daniel Olivier, Germany

Baixeras, Xavier Rodriguez, Spain

Ely, Scott, USA

Garisch, Dawn, South Africa

Greenberg, AlvinUSA

Haahtela, Joel, Finland

Holmes, Janet, USA

Ludvigson, Susan, USA

Magona, Sindiwe, South Africa

Melnicova, Irina, Russia

Moscaliuc, Mihaela, USA/Romania

Mungoshi, David, Zimbabwe

Ostashevsky, Eugene,USA/Russia

Öztürk, Semsa Yegin, Turkey

Rygiert, Beate, Germany

Salem, Ebtihal, Egypt

Schlossmann, Beryl, USA

Smilevski, Goce, FYR of Macedonia

Tauragiene, Violeta, Lithuania

Toptchian, Alexandre, Armenia

Toptchian, Anahit, Armenia

Verrey, Laurence, Switzerland

Waters, Michael, USA

Xi, Xu, USA/China

Zawacki, Andrew, Slovenia,France,US

Zdravka, Evtimova, Bulgaria  



Al-Aswany, Alaa, Egypt

Al-Mougy, Sahar, Egypt

Berková, Alexandra, Czech Republic

Bisutti, Donatella, Italy

Brossard, Nicole, Canada

de Broqueville, Huguette, Belgium

Delaporte, Florence, France

Dimitrova, Kristin, Bulgaria

Ellenbogen, George, USA/Canada

Faschinger, Lilian, Austria

Fell, Alison, UK

Freed, Lynn, USA

Greene, Jeffrey, USA

Kudryavitsky, Anthony, Ireland/Russia

Lafazanovski, Ermis, FYR of Macedonia

Linner, Barbara, Germany

Lofiego, Vivian, France/Argentina

Manickan, Sara, Malaysia

Musariri, Blessing, Zimbabwe

Ogden, Hugh, USA

Pellet, Christophe, France

Rose-Innes, Henrietta, South Africa

Shaaban, Nagwa, Egypt

Srivastava, Atima, UK

Sticks, Igor, Bos.-Herz./Croatia    



Abinader, Elmaz, USA

Brandt, Di, Canada

Cambor, Kathleen, USA

Chimeloane, Rrekgetsi, South Africa

Contamin, Laurent, France

Dido, E.K.M., South Africa

Duncker, Patricia, UK

Eriksen, Jens-Martin, Denmark

Fogtdal, Peter H., Denmark

Franz, Carlos, Chile

Gschwend, Ragni Maria, Germany

Huang, Bei Ling, China

Jones, Tayari, USA

Konstantinov, Gueorgui, Bulgaria

Kriseová, Eda, Czech Republic

Krog, Antjie, South Africa

Laroze, Franck, France

Li, Leslie, USA

Martin, Mircea,  Romania

Nolan, Patricia, Ireland

Nomura, Kiwao, Japan

Pineda-Botero, Álvaro, Spain

Roma, Fabio, Italy

Roper, Mark, UK

Rozas, Ixiar, Spain

Shute, Jenefer, UK

Starnino, Carmine, Canada

Venclova, Tatiana, Russia

Venclova, Tomas, Lithuania

Wells, Kellie,    USA    



Al-Badry, Hala, Egypt

Alison, Jane, USA/Australia

Arditti, Michael, UK

Balcázar de Bucher, Cecilia, Colombia

Blandiana, Ana, Romania

Cáccamo, Xosé, Spain

Celyn-Jones, Russell, UK

Cervenková, Jana, Czech Republic

Echevarría, Fernando, Portugal

Jaffeux, Marc, France

Khemir, Mounira, Tunisia

Kinsolving, Susan Baumann, USA

Larsen, Marianne, Denmark

Metelerkamp, Joan, South Africa

Morgan, Juan DavidPanama

Murín, Gustáv, Slovakia

Mustafaj, Besnik, Albania

Paulino-Netto, Brigitte, France

Pridal, Antonín, Czech Republic

Rusan, Romulus, Romania

Shishkin, Mikhail,  Russia

Sotiropoulos, Ersi, Greece

Steven, Kenneth, Scotland

Stone, Carole, USA

Tawfiq, Sahar, Egypt

Torres, Anabel, Colombia

Toyton, Evelyn, USA

Vallejo Canedo, Gaby, Bolivia

Yahp, Beth, Australia/Malaysia

Zenie-Ziegler, Wedad, Switzerland/Egypt   


Alexander, Meena, USA/India

Al-Tahany, Miral, Egypt

Bakr, Salwa Ahmed, Egypt

Berold, Robert, South Africa

Bönt, Ralf, Germany

Czerniawski, Adam, Poland

Frost, Carol, USA

Frost, Richard, USA

Gherman-Tazlauanu, Valentina, Moldavia

Gloria, Eugene, USA

Grobéty, Anne-Lise, Switzerland

Hardie, Kerry, Ireland

Hardie, SeanIreland

Khair, Tabish, India

Lakhina, Louliana, Russia

Lapinski, Igor, Ukraine

Marojevic, Igor, Serbia

McCarthy, Thomas, Scotland

Megged, Aharon, Israel

Olin-Zila, Elisabeth, Sweden

Or, Amir, Israel

Popov, Alek Vassilev, Bulgaria

Pos, Sonja,  Netherlands

Roy, André, Canada

Sewell, John, UK

Suska, Dariusz, Poland

Temkina, Marina, USA/Russia

Ueberle-Pfaff, Maja, Germany

Zabuzhko, Oksana, Ukraine

Zoritte-Megged, Eda, Israel        


Brewer, Gaylord, USA

Bulkin, Kyrlo, Ukraine

Corn, Alfred, USA

Dubroff, Susanne, USA

Enckell, Monique, France

Gallaire, Fatima, France

Jeffmar, Marianne, Sweden

Kabeš, Petr, Czech Republic

Kareninová, Anna, Czech Republic

Kassem, Mahmoud   Egypt

Kaur, Parm, UK

Keegan, Claire, Ireland

Kharitonov, Mark, Russia

Kniazeva, Marina, Russia

Lacroix, Jean, Belgium

Le Bot, Huguette, France

Le Bot, Marc, France

Marcus, Melissa, USA

Mazur, Nina, Ukraine

Melhem, D.H., USA

Mokdad al-Jemni, Omar

Tunisia Mông-Lan, USA/Vietnam

Murdock, Maureen, USA

Schrank, Ben   , USA

Vaishnav, Harihar, India

Vajpeyi, Udayan, India

Villanueva, Tino, USA

Zagajewski, Adam, Poland



Adjati, Toussaint, Benin

Amin, Nora, Egypt

Bang, Mary Jo, USA

Bartolomé, Efraín, Mexico

Carbó, Nick, USA

Carr, Pat, USA

Dawe, Gerald , Ireland

Fathi, Ibrahim, Egypt

Gamalinda, Eric, USA Philippines

Hancock, David, USA

Honig, Lucy, USA

Jamme, Franck-André, France

Krähenbühl, Claire, Switzerland

Leuwers, Daniel, France

Michalopoulou, Amanda, Greece

Mützenberg, Denise, Switzerland

Peitz, Christiane, Germany

Richez, Valérie-Anne, France

Sayed , Hanaa , Egypt

Scarfe, Eunice , Canada

Smith, Frank, France

Tanska, Natalie, Czech Republic

Treitel, Jonathan , UK

Ulacia, Manuel , Mexico

Válek, Jan, Czech Republic

Volevich, Irina, Russia

Volkow, Veronica, Mexico

Woodall, James, UK

Yoshikawa, TsunekoJapan

Zapanta Manlapaz, Edna, Philippines



Al-Beheiry, Neamat, Egypt

Anderson, Allison, USA

Beuse, Stefan, Germany

Boelsums, Mirjam, Netherlands

Bouatchidzé, GastonGeorgia

Cristovici, Anca, Romania

Dávalos Arze, Gladys, Bolivia

Djebar, Assia, France/Algeria

Duhamel, Denise, USA

Eppel, Asar,  Russia

Feinbork, Mattias, Germany

Gibbons, Reginald, USA

Grivina, Irina, Russia/Netherlands

Hinsey, Ellen, France/USA

Hollander, Jean,   USA

Jamis, Rawda, France/Cuba

Kellner, Michael, Germany

Kennedy, Tom, Denmark/USA

Levine, Miriam, USA

Meinke, Peter, USA

Melcer, Ioram, Israel

Roy, Bruno, Canada

Spelman, Cornelia, USA

Swabey, Fiona, UK

Swan, Gladys, USA

Szilagyi, Julianna, Romania

Telpaz, Gideon, Israel       


Borgeaud Georges, France/Switzerland

Cavasson Stefania, Italy

Collins Tim, Australia

Desarzens Corinne, Switzerland/France

Forgach Andres,  Hungary

Fuguet Alberto, Chile

Hannaham James, USA

Jay Salim, France

Johnson-Davies Denys, Canada

Lichtenfeld Kristiane, Germany

Manea Norman, USA

McLaughlin Anne, USA

Raus Michel, Luxemburg

Roze Pascale, France

Tietze Rosemarie, Germany -

Tokarczuk Olga, Poland

Tsalka Dan, Israel

Ueberle-Pfaff Maja, Germany

van der Linden Gerry, Netherlands  



Balla Zsófia, Hungary

Delarue Claude, Switzerland/France

Dove Rita, USA- Fink Ida, Israel

Hitzer Friedrich, Germany

Hitzer Silvelie, Germany

Hubay Nikolas, Hungary

Keller Christophe, Switzerland

Monioudis Pericles, Greece

Mooj Martin, Netherlands

Schmitter Elke, Germany

Stock Raymond, USA/Egypt

Telpaz Gideon, Israel

Viebahn Fred, US